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Hip-Hop News: Proof Disses Ja Rule After Fight in Miami
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Ja Rule
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/25/2003 6:21:42 PM

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Ja Rule and Murder, Inc. can add another name to the list of MCs spittin' at them these days. Proof from D-12 has recently released a song getting at Ja and Irv Gotti. This song seems to be very personal as Proof states:

"Word on the street is I murdered this INC/ Your wack with your hands, not deserving the heat Your nervous in beef, to Irv and his peeps/I ain't rapping no more, I speak through the curb in the streets/"

This track comes just weeks after news was circulated that Proof was jumped by members of the Murder, Inc camp while attending a party in Miami. Proof even speaks about the fight in the song stating:

"Chris Gotti This nigga had the nerve to have 10 niggas sneek me/Just to get wit me I'm only 160/, and the fact is Murder INC is Dj's and kittens I only walked out with scratches/"

To listen to the track, use the links below:

JA IN A BRA  real media   windows

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