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Hip-Hop News: Outlawz Update-Outlaw Radio
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/21/2003 5:23:14 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Outlawz.

Here is an Outlawz update from the Official Outlawz Website;

Wassup... I have thought of a new concept I want to bring to this website called Outlaw Radio. The Outlawz are 100 % behind my idea! We will have a new show called Outlaw Radio starting next week. Outlaw Radio will be a radio show that will feature guest spots from people who are down with the Outlawz and people in the rap game.

Sometimes we will drop NEW audio songs for the radio show too! The hight lights for the show will go as followed:

1. Interview with guest artist (not every show)
2. Latest News & Notes
3. Mail Bag
4. Outro or feature audio review

Fans will get to leave questions concerning the Outlawz for the Mail Bag... and I will answer the questions as best as I can and sometimes get the Outlawz opinions before I answer some of the questions. The first show will be NEXT WEEK!

Our First GUEST will be BIG SYKE from THUG LIFE! You can head to the forumz to leave questions for Big Syke or for the MAIL BAG by going to the forum on

EVEN MORE NEWS.............

Im working on getting the Outlawz on MTV.. Im not gonna go into details until shit actually goes down... but Im also working seeing if we can get a feature story on

They are working VERY HARD on 3 projects:

1. Outlawz album
2. Thug Brotherz
3. 2pac movie soundtrack

Find out more about Outlawz. Other items you may find on Outlawz include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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