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Hip-Hop News: Method Man In New Film With Snoop
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Posted by Robert
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8/20/2003 7:38:40 AM

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Posted August 19, 2003-- Rapper/actor Method Man is slated to appear in a new comedy with Snoop Dogg, where the pair co-star as two airport employees in the urban remake of the 80's hit film "Airplane!"

"I'm working on Soul Plane. It's a movie. It's basically an urban take on the movie "Airplane" so it's a lot of spoof and s**t going on. My character I play his name is Mugsy. He's the cousin of the lead character who his name is Nashawn played by Kevin Hart," Meth told

The Wu Tang affiliate explained the plot of the potentially hilarious film.

"Basically what happens is Nashawn gets on an airplane and his a** gets stuck on the toilet seat. He gets traumatized. The cargo opens up. To make a long story short, He sues the airline and wins a lot of money. So what he does is opens up his own airline. Its called NWA."

Snoop plays the pilot of the movie and actor Tom Arnold co-stars as the head of a white family that gets on the plane by accident. The film also boasts appearances by comics Mo'Nique, Sommore and and D.L Hughley.

The movie is directed by Jessy Terrero, who worked with Method Man on "Round and Round," a song by Jonelle featured on 2001's "How High" soundtrack.
 Meth has starred in a number of notable acting roles including "How High," "Copland," and television roles like HBO's series "OZ" and "The Wire."

The movie is slated for theatrical release in May of 2004.

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