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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/15/2003 4:15:40 AM

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JR of recently interviewed Mopreme, Tupac's step-brother. Here's a snippet from the interview:

JR: A lot of people have been saying stuff about Pac on their albums. Some people done tried to sound like him and copy his style. How do you feel about that?

Mopreme: A lot of cats done got carried away, you know what I’m saying? I respect muthaphuckaz who want to give it up - that’s cool to give it up - but don’t try to clone my nigga, you know what I’m saying?

Somebody asked me the other day, they asked me how do I feel about 50. I like 50. I don’t feel like he’s biting Pac though. He gives it up to him in his songs, but he doesn’t bite his style, he doesn’t try to dress like him, it’s just he gives it up.

Some niggaz try to bite my nigga’s style - the way his voice sounds, his rhymes - they try to bite the whole package. You can’t do that. That’s kind of disrespectful, so just keep it in perspective. And the rappers that are out there doing it, you know I don’t even have to say. If somebody asked you what rappers do you know that are out there imitating Pac, you could run off a list. I don’t even have to say. You know the ones who are over the board with it.

Head over to to check it out.

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