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E-40 Anybody
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E-40's new album, Breakin' News has been pushed back, a few times this year. As of right now, it's supposed to be released on September 9th. But, as Jive Records keeps us waiting for his album, Dubcnn comes through with an exclusive. We bring to you, the Radio rip of E-40's song, with an ever-so-crunk-trio Lil Jon, David Banner, and Bonecrusher, called "Anybody Can Get It". It's not quite as crunk, as I expected it would be, but a very tight song. Lil Jon did the beat, and the hook, with verses from E-40, Banner and Bonecrusher. Lately, 40 has come through with at least one track on his albums, for his South fans. So far, all have been bangers. Now, with another gem under his belt, it looks like The Fonz' 7th LP, Breakin' News, is going to be a great album.

E-40 - Anybody Can Get It feat. Lil Jon, David Banner and Bonecrusher

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