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8/10/2003 1:05:12 AM's Aurel conducts an interview with Pac's bodyguard and author of the book "Got Your Back."  Frank talks in depth about Tupac's life and death, the Outlawz, the new 2pac movie: Resurrection, and much, much more.  This was conducted as a joint interview with and  Check it out in audio and text below:

Audio Pt. 1 | Text

Aurel: This is Aurel from over here with Frank Alexander, Tupac's bodyguard, whats up Frank?

Frank Alexander: Whats happening my man? I wanna give a shoutout to MadeNiggaz.Net and 2PacZone.Com. So you guys keep on doing what your doing, putting it down for Pac man. Thats what we gotta keep him alive, in the spirit. People like you guys out there, you know, keeping his name going. Thats much love man. One love as Pac would always say.

Aurel: You wanna tell us how you got with Wrightway Security?

Frank Alexander: Okay, i dont know if you guys ever read the book "Got Your Back". Thats my book that i put out right after Tupac was assasinated. In the book Im going through a great detail of it. I'll summarise it for you for this interview. How i got -with the ray with- security was...One of my partners, my homeboy, he was a limodriver. And he had just picked Tupac up from LAX. He'd just got in from Rikers Island. As everyone know he was locked up at Rikers Island for that alleged rape conviction that was put on him. Anyway, when he got into the studio there was a security guy that was on duty that day. His name was -Cedrik-. Cedrik and I had been in the marine core over the last ten years together. Cedrik and my homeboy the limodriver, his name was KJ, they got to talk and Cedrik said to KJ: "Ey you look like a partner of mine that I was in service with". And KJ said: "Oh yea, who is that?" And he goes: "Oh, this brother named Frank". He goes: "Alexander!?" and he was like":yeah", he goes:"man, i know that dude, hes like my brother". Cause KJ and I use know we looked similar alike and were built the same, so we used to go as you know brothers and stuff like that, and thats how i ended up getting hooked up with Cedrik again, through he and KJ God had it planned, it was a plan. KJ and Cedrik met, gave him my phone number, KJ gave Cedrik my phone number, and from there I hooked back up with Cedrik, and Cedrik said to me, "hey im workin for Death Row, what is you doing? Can you still carry your weapon?" You know...bla bla bla...I was like "yeah" he was like "well why dont you hook up with the dude that runs the security wich is Wrightway Security, and we'll see if he know...get you on. So I was like: "cool". So he set me up with Wrightway Security and on it was after that.

Aurel: What was your first impression of Tupac when you met him?

Frank Alexander: Well see, heres the thing man. Thats a good question because Pac and I... I only saw Tupac as he would come in and out of the studio. And he would come in and out of the studio, you know, for his recording sessions, the time that he had in the studio. And then at this time after I was hired, i would be the studio-security. And of course, when people come in to the studio, the artists, the artist we would let in and anyone that was a

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