What are the all time 'Top 10" 2Pac tracks?
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/8/2003 9:09:38 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include 2Pac.

When this section was first added, Mr Frank said we could post things of interest to us and just stuff we would like to pass on to everybody.

Recently Funkmaster Smooth of MadeNiggaz.net , posted on line , on message boards etc., this question: What are 2Pac's best tracks?

With all the response he got he wrote the following editorial. I found some of his choices good and others; well he has a good opinion for his stand.

I hope you take time to read this editorial and leave your choices for 2Pac's 'BEST'.

This is a long read, but true 2Pac fans will find it a good one; I think. Let me know your opinions and thoughts, I'll be looking forward to them.

Greatest Hitz by Funkmaster Smooth

What's up? How's everybody been? It's been a long time (I should never have left you without a dope beat to step to) lol. Nah but seriously it has been a long time, since I sat my ass down and wrote an article worthy of the great Tupac Shakur. But ive had a lot of spare time on my hands recently and I thought id get straight down to work and write probably the hardest article there is to write about the great man¡K¡K. What are the all time top 10 ¡¥Pac Tracks?

In the past month ive been going around to various ¡¥Pac message boards and telling everyone what im about to partake in. I can't thank everybody enough for the amount of support ive had (my email inbox is overflowing like too much water in a small dam, lol) without the support of the fans I wouldn't have enough opinions of everyone's favorite songs, and that would make this article so much harder to write about.

Ask yourself that question; What are ¡¥Pac's best tracks? What and how do you base your judgments on? Is it a hot beat that will have you bouncing around in the club and bopping your head in
your ride? Is it the sexual innuendo that will have you getting your freak on? Is it the catchy hook that will have you singing along like a wannabe Nate Dogg? Or is your decision purely based on the emotional, angry, thoughtful, provoking lyrics of the great man?

¡¥Pac had talent in abundance. He was prodigious, gifted and one of a kind. ¡¥Pac didn't just flow; he roared like whitewater rapids and rained like torrential down pours. ¡¥Pac's main drawing power to his lis
teners was without a doubt his emotion and various moods he poured from his heart into his music. He had that gift of making you feel what he felt, you could feel the venom spitting out of Tupac's cobra fangs throughout Hit Em Up, you could feel his admiration for his mother on Dear Mama, and you could feel his struggle with himself on ¡¥So Many Tears'.

His workings revolved around loyalty, honor, duty, betrayal and women. He recycled these feeling and emotions throughout many songs, and it didn't become repetitive because ¡¥Pac was full of verve and spirit. He tapped into human needs like a motivational speaker or an ads campaign and could make you believe it was actually happening to yourself.

The sad thing about ¡¥Pac was that he was turning an artistic corner before his death. He began spitting ¡§spiritual lyrics like the holy qu'ran¡¨. He was moving towards surreal imagery that burned the bible in a cauldron of flames. ¡§Have you ever seen a crack head?¡¨ he asked. ¡§That's eternal fire¡¨. He drank so much he ¡§swore I saw th

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