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Hip-Hop News: Ice Cube Says N.W.A. Faced Real Gangsters
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
8/8/2003 1:55:40 AM

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While Ice Cube was once heralded as a gang banging, gun-toting gangsta lyricist, the rapper/actor disclosed that he and his original group N.W.A. often faced real street thug because of their gritty image.

"We used to get that all the time man all the time that group (N.W.A.) was a magnet for every tough guy in world to come up," Cube told "But you know through the yearsyou learn how to deflect all the negative energy. You realize who is with you and who is not and you learn how to shake them without them even getting close enough to cause you any problems or any pains."

"I just learned how to shake those kind of people I know are kind of like wolves in sheep's clothing," he said.

Currently, Cube is working on a new group album with WC and Mack 10 (West Coast Connection) and his Aftermath Records-fueled solo album.

"I'm excited, because it feels like I'm going full circle. This new album could possibly be the best album I've ever done," he stated.

Also, Cube's meteoric rise as an accomplished rapper-to-actor-then-mogul has been chronicled in a new DVD, "Making of a Don." The film is already available on the net. None of the Don's original music is included in the DVD for undisclosed reasons.

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