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Hip-Hop News: Q-Tip Confirms Tribe Called Quest Reunion
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Posted by Robert
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8/1/2003 7:57:01 AM

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Q-Tip had confirmed the news reported last month by Billboard that A Tribe Called Quest will reunite for a new album. However, issues remain between the pioneering Hiphop trio and its label, Jive, which will release the set. It will be Tribe's first album since 1998's "The Love Movement."

Q-Tip told Billboard the group is still smarting over "Hits, Rarities, and Remixes," a collection Jive released June 17. "The good people at Jive thought it fit to put out an album that was unauthorized by us with some material that we never intended to come out, but they did. I guess once they come say 'sorry' to us, we'll talk about when we'll put it out."

For now, Q-Tip has plenty on his plate, thanks to his new deal with DreamWorks, which will be home to his imprint Abstract Artworks. "I'm able to work and develop artists," he says. "One is an amazing vocalist by the name of Antoinique [Smith], and the other is a singer/songwriter named Keon Bryce. I'm working on developing them and putting myself out."

Q-Tip is also recording his DreamWorks debut, "Open," due in February. "It's intriguing to be at one of the last independent labels and to have the opportunity to build something and really grow a real relationship," he says.

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