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Hip-Hop News: Kurupt Responds To Daz About 2Pac
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
7/31/2003 8:40:55 AM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Kurupt and 2Pac.

Rahul Reddy: Daz Dillinger recently called you a liar and said your allegations about certain people affiliated with Death Row pissing on you are untrue and claimed 2pac wanted to beat you down in Cancun. Can you address these topics?

Kurupt: First off, the whole Cancun story is bullshit. I didn't address that before but between Daz and myself, I was the only nigga outside of Suge on Tha Row that visited Pac in jail. When we were in Cancun, Daz barely came out the room. He was antisocial and he didn't even talk to Pac. There was no scuffle, no nothing. This whole story about Daz saying Pac wanted to rent a room to whoop my ass was hilarious. The nigga can imagine a lot of things. He can imagine that, he can imagine that he actually produced Doggystyle, he can imagine he wasn't suicidal or got pissed on. Bottom line he know the truth. The truth is that Daz was just another nigga on Tha Row to 2pac and thats all. The nigga kills me with his fantasies about me getting beat up or him and Pac being tight. The nigga was suicidal during those years. He had no friends.

Rahul Reddy: So, Daz was basically lying when he said he didn't get pissed on?

Kurupt: That bitch made nigga lies about everything. The nigga got pissed on, stripped butt naked, beaten to an oblivion and gang raped. I was trying to spare him the humilation of that but the bitch ass nigga deserves it now. Suge confided in me later than there were five niggas that just fucked his ass literally. Daz probably walking around with the same shit that got Eazy E. What also yall didn't know was that Daz was getting extorted for shit also. He didn't want niggas knowing he was pissed on, beaten, gang raped and ended up paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars so it wouldn't leak. But fuck it, I am leaking that now. What that bitch ass nigga gonna do? Not a muthafucking thing cause I will whoop his monkey ass from here to last week.

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