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Hip-Hop News: Fabolous Planning To Sue NY For $5 Million
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Posted by Sarah
Rap News Network
7/17/2003 9:14:55 AM

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Fabolous is planning to sue the city of New York for $5 million dollars for false arrest, after he was arrested on March 24 on criminal weapons possession charges.

Fabolous and four other people were arrested after a show at New York City's Webster Hall. His body guard, Rodger Renrick, claimed ownership of the gun and provided proof that he was licensed to carry it, Fabolous' attorney Alberto Ebanks told MTV.

Ebanks says that Renrick was only licensed to carry the 9mm gun in Massachusetts, but the fact that he claimed ownership of the gun should have cleared Fabolous and the other men of any charges.

MTV obtained a letter from Ebanks, dated March 27, urging the prosecutor on the case to reconsider the charges filed against Fabolous.

"This unwarranted arrest has tarnished my client's image, may affect his present and pending endorsements and will certainly have a negative impact on his long-term marketability and earning potential," Ebanks wrote. "More importantly, as our client is an icon to many young and impressionable fans, this unjustified prosecution could potentially glamorize a lifestyle that Mr. Jackson neither maintains nor condones."

Fabolous' claims civil rights have been violated, emotional distress, malicious prosecution, police misconduct, false imprisonment and a variety of other violations.

"The actions and motivations of the music task force are questionable," Ebanks said. "The law requires that police act on probable cause if someone commits or is about to commit a crime. Police action on anything short of this is impermissible, intolerable and illegal."

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