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Warren G Talks about working with 2Pac
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Posted by Sarah
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6/28/2003 12:01:01 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Warren G and 2Pac. sat down with "Mr. G-Funk" himself, a pioneer of the G-Funk sound, Warren G! In this exclusive interview, we discuss his past, Death Row, the "Regulate" era, working with 2 Pac, 213, his label situations over the years, plans for the future and much more! : First, I'd like to know if you were part of a gang, and if yeah which set you claim.

Well, I'll put it to you like this, when I was young, in my teens, that's the life that we grew up in, you know what I'm sayin? You couldn't get around it, you had to be involved in the gang bangin', and the set that I was involved in around that time was Insane Rollin Twenty Crips, back in the day though. Now, I'm a grown man, I got kids and I'm a respectable person and I realise that being involved in shit like that back in the day wasn't good for my health, and it's not good for the teens health today! I think that everybody needs to wake up and see that ain't the life to live and that's not the life you want for you. And I went through a lot of that stuff, jail, sellin' dope, shootin, poppin' guns all that! Shootin at people, people shootin' at me I went through all of that.. And if I could go back and change that shit I'd change it, I'd change it like a motherfucker! : How did the group 213 form back in the day?

Well you know, me and Snoop, The Twinz, we was back sellin' candy back in the day, and we used to rap and shit, so we just hung together back then, and then Nate, he played basketball for the church, and he and Snoop linked up playing against each other basketball. Nate was singin at this church, and shit, we just connected all together, we grew up together all our lives, King Parc, and playin' football, playin sports doin' all kinda shit, the gang bang shit we just stuck with each other and Nate could sing, Snoop was rappin' and I was rappin! We just stuck together as a crew all our lives, you know? From elementary!

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