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Hip-Hop News: Spice 1 speaks on Ja Rule, Jay-Z, Nas and Nelly's biting of Tupac
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
6/26/2003 1:36:21 AM

Tags and topics realted to this article include 2Pac and Spice 1.

In a recent interview with Davey D, Spice 1 spoke out on Ja Rule, Jay-Z, Nas and Nelly's biting of Tupac. Below is an excerpt:

Davey D: What about everybody right now eating off Pac?

Spice 1: Everybody eating off Pac - Ja Rule, Nelly, all them cats. What pisses me off is the rap crowd and the audience should say something about it. I can't, I mean I've been there and I've seen already. What pisses me off is they know damn well that Pac did not like Nas or motherfucking Jay-Z. And they're playing the song on the radio. That shit is outrageous and it makes me mad as fuck. It makes you wanna take one of their motherfucking beats and rap about them on it.

But the thing is, if I did that, then the West Coast is hated on that much. If I did that shit, I probably wouldn't even get heard. If I die and someone do that shit to me [steal my beats and rap about me knowing I didn't like them], I swear if there’s a way for me to come back, I would just to serve their ass.

I already told my homeboys. I said, "If I die, nigga, and any of these niggas that I didn't like make a song try to be like me, whoop their motherfucking ass. Check these niggas. They know God damn well Pac didn't like them niggas, man.

Motherfuckers like Pac, Pac liked to have beef with you. If you had beef with him, he'd take that shit till you bow the fuck down. [He was like], "Them niggas didn't bow down, so fuck them niggas." If I still feel like, "Fuck them niggas," I still feel like Pac feels. Fuck them niggas. Even though he's dead and motherfuckers are saying, "Let him rest in peace." Fuck that shit, that ain't got nothing to do with niggas biting his shit. They're trying to get over on his name and make money off his name. And niggas like me who knew him and who kicked it with him and was actually in the studio with him together, know what I'm saying? That pisses me off like, y'all don't even know my homeboy. Y'all are some bitch ass niggas for real. How can you make a song about a nigga when you ain't even been in his face and kicked it with him?

That's why you ain’t seen Spice 1 rapping about other motherfuckers. If you do, believe me I’m looking for that motherfucker with a pistol too. If I'm rapping about him, believe me I'm looking for him too. That's why I don’t have time to fuck with these little cats out here. They can't fuck with the '85 gangstas, you know what I'm saying?

I don't even consider what they're doing today as rapping. They're making the shit for the little kids. The kids are liking it and that's what's cracking. They're doing that, but I ain't planning to get down with that.

The shit that I talk, I can walk through any motherfucking 'hood and niggas will respect me. Because I look like I'll whoop a motherfucker's ass. These young ass niggas look like if they threw their hardest motherfucking punch they wouldn't even hurt a fly. I mean, they don't look like they're going to get down like that. So, why are they spitting that shit then complaining when someone come at them on some gangsta shit? They wanna complain to the crowd like, "Oh, we're just rappers and entertainers." Rap about what you do, not about some gangsta shit thinking motherfuckers ain't gonna test you. That's why I got like six gun cases in three different states and shit, because I keep my motherfucking heat with me.

A lot of these motherfuckers, their past ain't add up to what they are now. Or what they're saying they are now. Like 50 Cent came right out to Ja Rule and said, "You ain't a gangsta. You never popped nothing, nigga."

It's hard to respect this music shit now, you know? You can't look at this like it's real. You have to look at it like it's a cartoon. It's real that we're watching it and it's funny, but it's not real. These niggas ain't real, 'cause a real motherfucker you would know right away. Like 50 Cent, I'ma tell you a joke he sai

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