Hip-Hop News: Jay-Z OK's ?uestlove's Black Album Advice
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By Paul Russell
6/3/2003 8:32:47 PM

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In what seems to be a "hell freezing over" scenario for Jay-Z fans, ?uestlove of The Roots has reportedly been advising Hova on his forthcoming Black Album, which is to be Mr. Carter's last LP.

According to messages posted by ?uestlove on the band's popular Okayplayer.com website, the funky drummer and "the smartest backpacker" (as ?uest called Jay-Z), have been going back and forth via phone, two way and e-mail--discussing the project's configuration, including producers, the tracks' content as well as limited guest appearances. "I think he should bring it on home, sure--Reasonable Doubt is dope, but I know and he knows....that he has yet to make his Illmatic," said ?uest in the inaugural post.

Once revised with insight from Okayplayer's community, ?uest's dream configuration- a track listing which would idealistically result in a full-proof classic pointed to a return to Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubts days. If it follows the wish list, the album would reunite Hov with original producer Ski, DJ Premier and loud mouth PAIN IN DA ASS, all who have been absent on Jay-Z's last few albums. Besides advising on Freeway as the only guest appearance and proposing what would be a shocking collaboration with God's Son, whom ?uest referred to as Mr. Kelis Rodgers, the wish list also included surprise collaborations with The Beatnuts, DJ Quik and former Slum Village producer J-Dilla (F.K.A. Jay Dee), whom ?uest strongly advocated should be part of the album.

Hova's response noted that his and ?uest's lists were similar for the most part. "We're on the same page, (almost)," said Jay-Z in his response to ?uest's list. He concluded his reply by adding, "I'll have Beatnuts, Jay Dee (who I love), fight this one out."

Furthermore, Mr. Carter's list revealed even more shocking than ?uest's as he plans to enlist legendary producers Rick Rubin and Marley Marl for his last album.

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