Hip-Hop News: Kurupt Disses Snoop Dogg
"Deathrow Records" 'Kurupt' has responded his former friend 'Snoop Dogg', with a diss back, we have the audio for you all.
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By Paul Russell
5/14/2003 10:56:47 PM

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After taking indirect shots at Snoop Dogg on the last Kool Kid mixtape during an intro, Kurupt Young Gotti is now back with Kool Kid on "Full Clip Pt.3"and disses Snoop Dogg, Soopafly and others on a track called "Death Row Symphony" which also features Eastwood, Spider and Gail Gotti. Here are a couple lines taken from Kurupts verse: "Before I say another word Muthafuck Snoop, Dogghouse eat a big Dogg Pound dick, this is Gotti, you ain't gone Pimp Slap shit" "They call you Soopafly, they call you Soopa-bitch". The rest also takes shots at the D.P.G. members. We have the track for you all to listen to, aswell as two other tracks taken' off the latest Kool Kid mixtape. Get the tracks below:

Kurupt, Eastwood, Spider & Gail Gotti - Death Row Symphony
Gail Gotti - Mutha Fucka
Joe Beast - Freestyle

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