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By Paul Russell
4/21/2003 11:03:41 PM

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Regarding the recent collaboration of Damizza with the Westside Connection, DJ Quik and Knoc-turn’al on "Light's Out" Damizza had this to say : "To get down with the two roots of the West Coast family trees [Ice Cube and DJ Quik] and to be involved in this evolutionary phase of West Coast hip hop, is truly an honor."

In "Light's Out," Ice Cube refers to himself as the "young Osama," goes at the comments made by Samuel L Jackson about his acting and also at Jesse Jackson by stating, : "You can tell Samuel L. I’m a keep actin’/You can even tell that motherfucker Jesse Jackson/Pay your child support/Keep your payments up/Put a rubber on/And don’t fuck wit us."

The track, which was mixed by west coast legend DJ Quik and has a hook provided by Knoc-turn’al, will appear on Mack 10's "Ghetto, Gutta, Gangsta" release on Hoo-Bangin/Universal Records. Mack 10 had this to say on the tracks producer : "Damizza is responsible for keeping this West Coast music legendary. He is one of my biggest fans and one of my toughest critics. He keeps it all the way real with me and everybody needs that in their lives. And he don’t care whether you like it or not. Now that’s gangsta!"

With the video still yet to be shot, it will be done later this month, Damizza and his camp are said to have been inundated with calls and emails of support as well as criticism. When asked about Damizza’s producing successes, Jimmy Steal (VP of Programming KPWR Los Angeles) said : "His talent as a producer is unstoppable. He has a gift of bringing out the best in artists."

Make sure you support the single and get requesting it at your local stations, lets hear some westcoast music blazing the airwaves!

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