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Hip-Hop News: Suge Knight Denies Ties To Cannibal Rapper
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Posted by Dave
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4/14/2003 4:03:35 PM

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Suge Knight has denied allegations that Death Row provided drugs to Anton "Big Lurch" Singleton, who is charged with the grizzly murder of a 21 year-old Los Angeles, California area woman.
 "I don't know this guy.... Nobody from our company knows this guy," Knight told Reuters. "I never even heard the guy rap...a lot of people out there want to have a production deal (and) think that they have a production deal even if they don't."
 Singleton is on trial for the murder of Tynisha Ysais, 21. Ysais was found her apartment with her chest ripped open. According to testimony, Singleton and Ysais' boyfriend Thomas Moore, spent the evening prior to the murder smoking PCP.
 On Friday (April 11), Ysais' mother, Carolyn Stinson filed a wrongful deat lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Stress Free Records and Knight's Death Row Records, claiming that both provided Singleton drugs in an attempt to make him more marketable as a "gangsta rap" artist.
 Authorities later arrested a disoriented Singleton as he wandered down the street nude, covered in blood.
 Later testing revealed human flesh in his stomach. When Ysais body was discovered, her lungs were exposed and had been chewed on.
 Stinson's lawyer also appeared to back away from the allegations leveled at Death Row in the lawsuit.
 "We're continuing to investigate," McKesson said. "If it turns out that Death Row is right -- that there is no connection, we will drop them (from the lawsuit) immediately."
 Knight dismissed the allegations as an attempt to soil the Death Row brand. "They're just looking to get paid," he said. "It's not only just slander. It's fraud."

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