Hip-Hop News: Ja Rule Concert Tribute In Sydney
Durring a concert in Australia, Ja Rule mentioned 2Pac when remembering the artists which had passed on.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/12/2003 12:14:21 PM

Fan emailed the following mentions of 2Pac in the recent concert attended in Sydney Australia.

I went to a Ja-Rule concert in Sydney, Australia yesterday. In the middle of the concert, Ja Rule went on to tribute all the fallen artists. He shouted the names of artists such as Jam Master Jay, Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez and Notorious B.I.G. while the crowd cheered. He then whispered 'Tupac Shakur' and the whole Sydney Entertainment Centre exploded. The screen was the projecting a Tupac quote and then a video of Tupac. Then you see other artists in their various video clips. Then tribute then ended with another Tupac vid followed by another Tupac quote. He then busted out "So much pain" and during 2pac's part, he made the crowd to shout out "Tupac."

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