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Hip-Hop News: Suge Knight On BET (extract)
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5/2/2001 12:00:00 AM

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Suge Knight If you missed the BET Interview with Suge Knight today at 7:30 PM ET, you missed some very interesting words from Suge.

Suge said of Tupac, "Definitely, yeah, when he was incarcerated, it was all bad for him. I mean if you talk to anybody that knew him, he was in a situation where he goes to prison. And you know the rumors, you know the situation."

He continued, "Not one person said, ok, 'I'm gonna go get 2pac out of prison.' Time Tupac called me telling me he need me, I wasn't late. I'm on the next plane smokin, going to get him out of prison. And I don't regret that because Pac was another half of me, which is, a little brother. So anything I could do to help him, it was great for both of us. Not because of his talent as an artist.

You got a lot of that like Pac as a rapper. I like Pac because of Pac, because of who he was. And if you look at people now, since he's not around, everybody claims that they was great friends, that they did his show. Some artists knew him..."

Suge then continued in reference to Snoop and 2pac's relationship, "But like Pac and Snoop at the end, hated each other. And you can tell that, by the simple fact, when Snoop did 'DoggFather', 2pac was not on one song.

And Pac didn't like Dre. That's what changed the Death Row camp. Because of the jealousy of 2pac. Because 2pac was all of a sudden now, he's this major star, he getting all the liking and all the attention. So, to me, it was childish on they part. But they can never feel the shoes that Pac left"

Suge then focused his attention on Dr.Dre, claiming something that would go against everything Dre was from his NWA days to his Death Row days. "I know when Dre came and had a conversation with me."

Suge said, "He said, 'look, I want something, possibly more than anything in the world', and I said 'what's that?' and he said 'I wanna be white.' And I said 'Well look, (sighs), I ain't God, I can't make you white. I mean, I'm a manager and all, I mean you can make enough money, and you can act white and you can live white. but I can't make you white' and he said, 'Well, Jimmy [Lovine] told me he could put me on a level well, I couldn't cuss on my records and I could live that type of way.'

And I was shocked, I was like (sighs) well, you know 'Where'd all this come from?' You know, being black and all of a sudden wanting to be white. And I told him the only way to be white, 'you probably can never be, but you can marry a white person. And you can have, and then your kids will more likely to be white' and I feel we're friends because he took my advice that day. He married a white lady.His kids from her. You know, anything for those guys to help their lives move forward.

Thankz to JG over at for droppin this to us.

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