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Hip-Hop News: 2Pac And Biggie Songs On Mixtape
Songs from both '2Pac' & 'Biggies' "Runnin'" track are set to be released on mix tape, plus an interview on Pac.
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By Paul Russell
3/11/2003 1:54:21 AM

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Early in the mixtape, one of the first jams that introduced Biggie, "Party and Bullshit," is blended with Nas' "Made You Look." Elsewhere, Big's verse from the officially unreleased "Think Big," which had cameo appearances by Pudgee and Lord Tariq, is featured.

"I'm inviting you/ Bring your writing crew and they dopest rhymes/ I get up in that ass every time," Big rhymes on the track, bending words with his seamless flow while computerized chimes blanket his voice. "Lyrically I'm untouchable, uncrushable ..."

Throughout the mixtape, you can reminisce about just how invulnerable the president of hip-hop's playa club was on songs like Da Brat's "Da B-Side," "Runnin," which was recorded with Tupac Shakur, and "Can't Stop the Reign," a duet with Shaquille O'Neal.

Some of Big's vocals from the latter song were featured on Michael Jackson's Invincible LP. "I'm knee deep with killers, about million dollar figures ... / Cream lizards, cream Coogies, I do my duty, as long as they high as me, as fly as me."

Rap Phenomenon ends with Biggie talking with MTV's own Sway, discussing what he learned from Tupac Shakur about the music business and Pac's ideas about a Bad Boy conspiracy.

Pretty soon, you'll get to hear even more reworkings of Notorious B.I.G. songs. P. Diddy is planning to release a Biggie duet album this year. The music mogul hasn't revealed too much about the LP, though he did say that he'll use a technique, not too dissimilar from the blending technique, where he'll take lyrics from the slain rap king's classic songs and marry them with new beats. He's also planning to have guest stars perform on the reinvented tunes.

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