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Hip-Hop News: Suge Knight Makes TV Appearance
"Death Row" CEO Marion "Suge" Knight, makes appearance on the 'Jimmy Kimmel' show, speaks on changing name back to "Death Row" & much more.
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By Paul Russell
3/11/2003 1:23:25 AM

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On monday night Suge Knight made his first Post-Prison appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." According to BET, show host Kimmel wore a bulletproof vest to seemingly mock the presence of Knight, often seen as an intimidating figure. Suge, while puffing on a Cuban cigar, asked why he was wearing the vest. To which Kimmel replied : "Oh I don't know it's in style."

Suge was quick to state that street warfare of today is not going to be stopped by the armour plate : "Technology is so high, if you shoot somebody you go to jail forever and kids you don't want to go to jail forever. So they have this new pin out and they get blood from someone with Aids and shoot you with. That's a slow death, you know that Eazy-E thing." Knight was said to be laughing at this point.

The head of "Tha Row" records also gave his opinion on George W. Bush and the increasingly likely war with Iraq : "I support the United States. People always come with this way out stuff about African-Americans, right? Man, fuck an African-American. You can call me black, you can call me a ni**er, I even like the word colored, but that African bullsh*t don't work with me. African's don't even like us. If you are from Kenya they call you what? Kenyans right? I am from the United States, so I have to support [the] United States. I am not trying to have 40 mules and an Acre. I am trying to have all the money, enjoy life, take care of my kids."

Jimmy Kimmel was curious about his [Suge's] allegiance to the U.S. after various federal investigations, one of which recently landed him in jail for over 30 days. Knight said : "Even the president of the United States and the politicians say that we should give more jobs to communities and so they can stop the crimes. So I should and will hire and have rappers from the inner cities. The thing about it every person in the inner cities is somehow related to somebody related to gang activities."

On the musical tip Suge revealed that "Tha Row" would be reverting to its former title of "Death Row Records" with its first release being the much anticipated debut from Crooked I. Crooked-I also appeared on the show and played co-host to Kimmel, they traded comedy comments throughtout the show.

The next slated release from "Death Row" Records is the 'DysFunKtional Family' soundtrack, which is due out March 25th. The first single from the set is "Still Tha Row" featuring Crooked I and Virginya Slim.

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