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Hip-Hop News: Chuck D Stands Against War
'Chuck D' the founder of the legendary rap group "Public Enemy" speaks his mind once again on 'George Bush'.
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By Paul Russell
2/26/2003 1:23:26 AM

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When Chuck D and Public Enemy told you to fight the power, he wasn’t just talking about then. Chuck D took a stance on the possible war the United States may launch against Iraq during his performance at the Rock The Vote awards show last Saturday in New York.

During the concert at the Roseland Ballroom, Chuck D wants the president George W. Bush to stop his advances on war and listen to the public opinion. "Somebody out there please tell your president he has to listen to the rest of the world”. During the performance Chuck D received the Rock the Vote Founders Award for his contributions and efforts in helping the National Urban League, the National Alliance of African American Athletes and Rock the Vote.

Public Enemy performed such songs as “Welcome To the Terrordome”, “Fight the Power” and “Son of A Bush” from their new album “Revolverlution”. A man came on stage during the “Son Of A Bush” performance dressed as George W. Bush and Chuck D said, “You see this fucking guy? He stole the presidency."

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