Hip-Hop News: Daz Talks On New 2Pac EP
"DPG Recordz" CEO 'Daz Dillinger recently spoke with 'Allhiphop.com', where he speaks on the release of a new '2Pac' EP.
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News: Daz Dillinger Dissing The Outlawz
News: Daz Dillinger Dissing The Outlawz
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By Paul Russell
2/17/2003 1:41:29 AM

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AHH: You were gonna drop a 2Pac EP. What’s the status of that, and…tell me something special about what’s on the EP that makes it crazy.

DD: Songs nobody ever heard before. That’s the main thing. Everything has been recycled and did over, but these songs are special because me and him did ‘em, and people say I stole them. How can I steal some shit that I own and I made? A motherfucka ain’t fitting to give you what you deserve, so why would I give it to them? I stole my shit? fuck anybody out there who said I took the shit. I’ll take they shit. I got a call from the Tupac's people today, ‘cuz I’m gonna do a publishing deal with 'Universal' with the new songs. They need three more songs that I got, and I’m gonna give it to them, ‘cuz I’m gonna get paid for the rest of my life off of that shit. It’s something 'Death Row' ain’t getting a piece of. And I just won the publishing back off of every fucking song I ever made. Because the judge voided every contract that I ever signed with 'Death Row'. They null and voided. So if it’s all void, I own all my publishing, right? None of them contracts even matter, ‘cuz the judge threw ‘em out. I own all mine. That’s what I’m going to make deals for now. I just wanna thank bitch-ass Suge Knight for coppin’ up what he copped up, and we’ll continue to do business in the future.

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