Hip-Hop News: Daz Dillinger Dissing The Outlawz
"DPG Recordz" CEO 'Daz Dillinger' has dissed 'Outlawz' in a recent interview.
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News: Daz Talks On New 2Pac EP
News: Daz Talks On New 2Pac EP
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By Paul Russell
2/16/2003 3:27:02 AM

In a recent interview with WCRydaz.tk, Daz dissed his former label mates, the Outlawz. Check it below:

"Outlawz, you know they're dissing me and shit, but I've gotta say fuck them if they're dissing me," he said. "I've always had love for them, but if they're dissing me I wanna hear it. I wanna hear them, you know what I mean? So I can really go, 'Cool, cool.' 'Cause you know I'm in these streets, you know, they're at the studio or home or getting their dicked sucked or something like that. I'm constantly in the motherfucking streets making it happen with real killers, riders and all kinds of shit."

"Everybody knows I'm a Crip and they're Bloods," he said. "They're playing Bloods, but don't even know how to do shit. I'm pumped up right now. If I had my vest right now, I'd carry a little short five inch axe with me and just chop their motherfucking heads off!"

Daz also called Fatal a coward some while ago, for dissing Snoop seven years after he moved back to New Jersey.

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