Hip-Hop News: Alizé Passion Mentions Tupac
"Rémy Martin" says 'Alizé Passion' bounced to life, after a '2Pac' rap.
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By Paul Russell
2/15/2003 5:36:58 AM

At least 80 percent of the Cognac consumed domestically is drunk by African-Americans, according to Rémy Martin, which welcomes with open wallets placements like music video appearances, where Cognac is an icon of wealth, health and happiness. Rémy has a new $6,000 bragging-rights bottle, Louis XIII Diamond, with a Baccarat crystal stopper that encases a 1.5 carat amber-colored diamond. Courvoisier has L'Esprit de Courvoisier — a $5,000 Lalique.

Alizé Passion, introduced in 1986, bombed when marketed to suburban women as a softer, fruit spirit but bounced to life in a Tupac Shakur rap called "Thug Passion," and the rest is history.

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