Hip-Hop News: New 2Pac Tribute Album
New tribute album dedicated to '2Pac' titled "Dare To Struggle" featuring artists such as 'Mopreme', 'Outlawz' & others.
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News: Review Of 2Pac Tribute Album
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By Paul Russell
2/12/2003 11:51:49 PM

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"Dare To Struggle" is a tribute album for Tupac Amaru Shakur that addresses related issues for political prisoners in America. The compilation consists of 2 discs featuring some well known artists like Mic Geronimo, the Outlawz, Uno the Prophet, and Mopreme(Thug Life). The project was put together by Dr. Mutulu Shakur(Pac's Step-Father). This cd touches on various topics facing the black community such as Cointelpro, false imprisonment, and lessons learned from behind the walls of prison. Songs that really moved me were "Never Give Up", "If God is watching", and "Let My People Go". A lot of this disc was recorded by prisoners from behind prison walls, so it hurts the quality, but the message is still there. The SCU(Solitary Confinement Unit) are definitely a force to be reckoned with and rip through 6 delightful cuts. All I can say is this cd is the truth, please check it out at Daretostruggle.com.

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