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Hip-Hop News: Interview with Amaru Entertainment
'', recently interviewed "Amaru Entertainment" where they discussed upcoming '2Pac' projects, Biters, "Resurrection" & more.
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By Paul Russell
2/12/2003 11:36:07 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Afeni Shakur. Ok, I've had alot of demand to get this question answered so I'll get it out of the way - The hidden outro on "Better Dayz", howcome it was removed from the original tracklist?
Amaru: Don't know....

Are the rumours true that we may see Jay-Z on a 2Pac album in the future?
At this time, this is not in the works

Another topic thats producing alot of rumours is which track will be featured as the next single. Any word on this?
Still Ballin'

A lot of people would like to hear the remixed tracks in their original form, are their any plans to release a box set of originals or something similar?
Not at this time

Approx. how many unlreleased tracks are left?
Enough for some more albums!

How do Amaru feel about all the artists sampling Tupac's work lately (Ja Rule, Jay-Z, Toni Braxton etc.)?
We are honoured that so many artist's today have been Influenced by Tupac. Carrying on his legacy and building the Foundation for the Arts is our first priority, always. Remember, unless it is a bootleg, everyone who sampled (Tupac) got Afeni Shakur's written approval first.

Howcome so many tracks have been remixed on the last few albums? Is this simply because the tracks were unfinished or otherwise?
Yes, the tracks are unfinished and that is what Tupac meant to do when he created them. Once you (the fans) see the Tupac documentary, "Resurrection" his fans will better understand this because he speaks about this exact issue. He says that he would just lay down a verse here or a hook there and move on to another song.

As everyone knows "Better Dayz" consisted of tracks from Tupac's "Makaveli Period", on the next album can we expect to see any tracks from 1995 and before?
The next album will be the documentary soundtrack LP which will have remixed tracks of his earlier stuff aswell as some unreleased tracks. Then, we will release and album of unreleased tracks from the period 1993-1994.

Are you aware of any plans by Death Row to release another Tupac album?
Afeni Shakur
has control over all unreleased Tupac tracks.

Is their any possibility of a "Live" Tupac album being released?
Not at this time.

How do Amaru Ent. and in particlur Tupac's mother Afeni feel about the numerous alive theories surrounding 'Pac?
Can't answer that questions because, unfortunately, he is no longer with us.

I've only heard this a once or twice, but, is their any truth to the story that thier is an OG video for "My Block" shot when Tupac was still with us?
Don't know, will look into it...

How do Amaru feel about all the fan sites out their respresenting Tupac?
We are blessed and honoured that their are so many fans that love him enough to do these sites. So long as the sites do not infringe on our trademarks or other rights or play his music, we are fine with them.

What are the future plans for Amaru Entertainment? Will we be seeing any new artists on Amaru once all of Tupac's music has been released?
Not at this time.

Finally, anything else you wanna tell the fans?
We are soooo very grateful that Tupac's fan's continue to support us and his legacy. Tupac has the best fans in the world and we will always make a effort to be accessible to answer questions and/or listen to criticisms. Thank you... thank you...

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