Hip-Hop News: Nas Speaks On Life As A Rapper
Whilst currently overseas promoting his latest album "God's Son," Nas spoke on life as a rapper.
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By Paul Russell
2/11/2003 2:54:58 AM

Although Nas is currently overseas promoting his latest album “God’s Son”, he feels that life as a rapper is getting hard and harder.

"It does become kinda hard. It makes you just kinda wanna just chill out because all the shit that comes with it - people can hate you, or it becomes dangerous. A lot of rappers are walking around with guns.""So there comes a time when you just wanna relax and stay home with your family. But I manage to do it - I don't live my life full-time as a rapper. I don't go to sleep with a Rolls-Royce in my bed, I don't talk to my daughter like 'Yo, wassup?'... you know what I mean, I'm a human being."

Nas will be releasing a new video for his next single “I Know I Can” which was filmed in New York City. The song has been compared to a modern day Slick RickChildren’s Story”. As for beef with Jay-Z, Nas has said he really isn’t interested in continuing the beef with Jay-Z.

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