Hip-Hop News: It's Still Tha Row
'Crooked I' & other members of 'Tha Row' still letting everyone know it's 'Tha Row' with the new 'Dysfunktional Soundtrack', taking shots at 'Bigg Snoop Dogg'.
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Crooked I Still Tha Row
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The message is clear. The lead single by Crooked I lets the world know that It's Still The Row! Tha Row Records (formerly Death Row Records) will release the soundtrack to 'DysFunKtional Family' on March 25th with Crooked I leading the assault.

The track features Crooked I and newcomer Virginia Slim on the offensive, targeting the police department for the recent raids on their company. Standard practice for a Row release is the dissing of former artists and as per usual, Crook throws shots at Snoop Dogg on the lead single and word is Kurupt will also speak his thoughts. This time the attack on Snoop is not unprovoked following his release last year 'Pimp Slapp'd'

Other names to appear on the soundtrack include Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Ashanti, Juvenile, Danny Boy, Kurupt, Michel'le, Eastwood, and N.I.N.A. (the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes).

You can preview the single from Crooked I by clicking Here.

To pre-order the album click here

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