Hip-Hop News: Yukmouth Mentions Tupac In Interview
'Yukmouth' speaks on '2Pac', gives his views on 'Jay Z' sampling '2Pac's' 'Me & My Girlfriend'.
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By Paul Russell
2/5/2003 2:07:35 AM

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Jay of BallerStatus.net recently hooked up with Yukmouth. Below is the part where he mentions Tupac.

What artists out right now are you really feelin?
Umm, I feeling, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Pac.. Umm, thats about it.

How do you feel about Jay-Z remaking "Me and My GirlFriend"?
Aww come on man. This nigga did bad, bad, bad. I mean he made a hit or whatever, but niggaz ain't appreciating that. I'm hearing it from both sides. (laughs) Niggaz ready to hurt him. I mean if a nigga diss you, how can you use his song? Why would you even wanna use his shit? He (Tupac) dissed the shit outta you and still got albums out dissing you. And you wanna use his shit and remake it, riding on his dick. You a biting ass coward to me. I would never use the enemies song. Blow him up, pay him all the royalties, get all the sample clearances. Man, you know how that shit goes man. And use his exact chorus! That's just more money in Pac's moms pocket. He got Beyonce on it, thats just icing on the cake.

He still got dissed by Pac.. I would never do that. If Pac dissed me, we wouldn't have it. Fuck that.

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