Hip-Hop News: Yukmouth Talks About 2Pac In Interview
'Yukmouth' speaks on 2Pac, Outlawz, Eminem, Puffy, biters, Ja Rule, Scarface and more.
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By Paul Russell
1/30/2003 4:52:17 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include Yukmouth and 2Pac.

SoHood.com recently had the opportunity to interview Yukmouth spoke on varies topics about Tupac, The Outlawz, Benzino, Eminem, Scarface, Puffy, Snoop, Rap Mogul Suge Knight and more. Below is the part where he mentioned 2Pac & The Outlawz:

SoHood.com: One of the biggest questions I get since you know the Outlawz, sort of why they not like ridin for Pac like you see Ja rule and all these people and Eminem is str8 bitin him but no one seems to be vocal?

Yukmouth: Eminem bitin Pac?

SoHood.com: yeah

Yukmouth: When he bitin Pac?

SoHood.com: Not sort of bitin Pac, but I remember one of his records. He was real slick saying "Ridin in the same car that they shot Pac in"

Yukmouth: That they shot Pac's car in.. Yeah yeah, I didn't like that. I didn't like that 4real man. I mean, Eminem, that's his whole style saying shit over the edge, over the top shit, that's going to make anyone mad. That's his style if he doesn't do that, then he wouldn't be Eminem.

SoHood.com: Yeah, but he wouldn't be doing that, if people check him!!

Yukmouth: That's true too! That's Real!

SoHood.com: You feel me!

Yukmouth: You're absolutely right. I can't control tha Outlawz. I don't know how they play their heart. I know they don't appreciate Ja Rule. Niggaz like Ja Rule acting like Pac, Niggaz like Master P they hate Niggaz like that all day. WE talked about it but you know. But they hold their position you know. They choose not to step into that you know.

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