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Hip-Hop News: Crooked I Disses Snoop Dogg
'Crooked I' gives 'Snoop Dogg' "The Slap Back" on a new diss track which is featured on his new album "Say Hi To The Bad Guy".
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News: It's Still Tha Row
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By Paul Russell
1/28/2003 4:18:50 PM

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Over at, they had the opportunity to sit down with 'Crooked I' himself and talk about recent things coming from "Tha Row". Crooked I talks about the new Dysfunktional Family OST, his feelings on Daz, Snoop and the recent lockup for Suge Knight. He tells us there will be a diss song to Snoop on his upcoming debut "Say Hi to the Bad Guy". Below is a little piece of the interview, but to view the entire interview, click here.

StreetHop: Snoop referred to you and everyone on Tha Row as crumbs off his table, do you have any words for Snoop?

Crooked I: I got a song called "The Slap Back" on the album and I'm sure it'll be for all yalls listening pleasure [laughs]. We just had a little fun man cause basically to me that whole thing is a joke to me so we just had a little fun you know you wanna slap at us we'll slap you back real quick and get back to this business of making good west coast music cause that's the main objective.

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