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Hip-Hop News: The Source Article Covers 2Pac
Current issue of The Source has an article about Pac in its "Ear Street Media Watch Section".
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
1/20/2003 3:06:52 PM

Tags and topics realted to this article include 2Pac.

The current issue of The Source has an article about Pac in its "Ear Street Media Watch Section". Thanks to the homie Ras Masta for typing this up for

In loving rememberance of his work, a steady stream of the late Tupac Shakur's music has been released since his murder more than six years ago. But in a half baked Op-Ed., "Glorification of Rapper Shakur Degrades African-Americans" [Nov. 18, 2002], USA Today columnist Michael Medved attacks such posthumous praise. Medved starts the piece with a bang, stating, "The intensifying exploitation of slain rap artist Tupac Shakur highlights the sick, shameless, show-business tendency to glorify violent and self destructive Black thugs." He continues to explain how Tupac's "long criminal record" and his music's "almost casual endorsement of violence" don't warrant the amount of props he gets from the Black community and instead perpetuatenegative stereotypes. In what world does Medved live? Tupac has reached cult status not solely because of his outlaw myth but because he's a complex, prolific artist who, despite his missteps, was interested in more than just gun-blazing. His music also dealt with political struggle, teen pregnancy, love, death, good times, loyalty and, ultimately, hope. We celebrate and remember that and use Tupac's mistakes as lessons, not as badges of honor.

-Brett Johnson

It is wonderful to see a major media magazine such as The Source stand up for Tupac and defend him against biased, uneducated, ignorant and irresponsible articles appearing in the other media. This is something we at often try to do as well, much respect to Brett Johnson and The Source for this article.

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