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Hip-Hop News: Master P Interview recently got up with rap's, "Master P". Where he discusses, himself, his son 'Romeo', 'C-Murder' & more.
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By Paul Russell
1/19/2003 2:44:07 AM

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What  do you still worry about?

The thing that you always have to worry about is protecting yourself. I think before the rap game and before the money and the fame you still had to worry about that, just the ordinary Joe Blow running up to you trying to jack you for your ride. Now it's the police pulling you over for mistaken identity if you got a tight whip. Ain't nothing changes, you still have to learn how to live. You got to learn how to live with money, though. I think that's the mentality that we done escaped as far as Me, Romeo and Silk. C wasn't able to get out of that type of world and you get caught up whether you go to jail by having those ties. I mean I love the ghetto 'cause that's where I come from but I got to know how to play it. You make a couple dollars, you got to know how to survive when you come out that hallway. I don't care if you got the money from hustling, if you won the lotto or you found it, once somebody know you got something they want to eat off you.

What was the scariest moment in your life so far?

I think the scariest moment of my life was being in the ghetto seeing my brother and my friends get killed and not knowing when you going to die there. I grew up in the Calliope projects and it's like if you don't  find something to get out of that circle you end up getting caught up.

Who is your favorite R&B artist from the 80's and why?

I think Janet Jackson was laying it down, she was definitely in control. Anybody from the hood have to love Janet Jackson she definitely made it happen.

What's your favorite part in the movie Friday?

My favorite part from the movie was when Chris Tucker and Ice Cube was getting high. I was like, they funny, even Ice Cube was funny in that part. Even though Chris Tucker did his thing, just to see them wild out when they got high it reminded me of some real ghetto stuff.

Who do you think is the most misunderstood person of the last ten years?

I got to say C-Murder, his name, he definitely has another side to him but just by his name alone, no one got to know Corey Miller, just C-Murder. As soon as they hear that, trouble.

What's your favorite saying or quote?

Y'all know how we doing it. That's the new one. That's how we doing it, new slang for 2003.

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