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Hip-Hop News: Ice Cube Interview
'Ice Cube' speaks in detail about his Music/Movie career.
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Ice Cube
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By Paul Russell
1/11/2003 12:53:16 AM

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Rap music is ego driven, it has a lot of bravado in it just because that is the nature of the music. But in movies you have to give more of yourself, not masking anything. It is about giving and being true to the character and letting everything else happen how it is going to happen.

Rap music is my love. If it keeps me from getting certain types of acting roles or keeps me from becoming what Hollywood might want me to become, that`s fine. I love doing both, but I don`t think I need to separate myself from rap music and what it`s all about. It has always gotten a bad rap. There have always been labels put on the music, like that it was violent and this, that, and the other. You know, but the world is violent.

I don`t want to play nobody that is just weak and means nothing to the movie. I don`t want to play those kinds of roles. I went into The Three Kings and nobody else was thinking about Black image but me. I had to go in there and be strong about what I felt that character should be and how it should reflect. With a movie like Barber Shop, imagery and the story surrounding that and showing what the barber shop means to the community was real important on the list of things to get across. So we put an extra emphasis on making sure that people were feeling the story and not just laughing at it.

With a movie like Friday it is straight for laughs!I don`t have no social commentary in there whatsoever. It is really all about the laughs and that is what we go for. What we do with the Friday movies is we take things that you would normally cry about, and make you laugh about them. We take stuff that in the neighborhood that you would normally be pissed off about - like someone breaking in your house at Christmas and stealing all your presents - and try to laugh about it for a change. The more and more movies I do the more control I have because each project is different. So I try to play characters that are just strong or silent and take it from there.

I want to do a big action movie after doing Barber Shop and Friday, just to show that I am not just in to doing these kinds of movies. I want to do movies that I would want to see. I like action, comedy and drama. With a movie like Players Club, I just thought that nobody would do this movie and do it half right. And even with the Players Club in some ways I had to lighten up the load because they wanted a comedy. It is easier to get a comedy made in Hollywood than a drama, especially Black movies. People would rather put up money to laugh than to cry, that is just what we are dealing with. But we are getting past that. I think movies like Barber Shop show that you can have a dramatic story within a comedy. I think it is just going to snowball so we can do more dramatic stuff.

I have a company, Cube Vision, and I just want it to get stronger, better, more creative. Take on other movies, such as drama and action movies. Just get better at what we do. That, to me, is the goal: to become better. Just to get bigger and better movies.

I want to keep doing music as long as it is exciting to me. Working with Dr. Dre just excites me to the fullest because my next record could be my best one. So that has got me turned all the way on as far as music. But you know, the rap game is a young man`s game. That is how I feel. It`s really their music. Kind of like the NFL.

I recognize opportunities and take them serious. That is the thing - be relentless, get some thick skin on you and always try to recognize your opportunities. I think that is what happens to a lot of artists; they get in positions where a lot of opportunities come right to their doorstep and they think if they don`t take them they`re going to pass them by. You got to recognize opportunity

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