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Hip-Hop News: News And Pictures From The Snoop Bowl
As was reported a few days ago about the first "Snoop Bowl" hosted by 'Snoop Dogg'.
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By Paul Russell
12/20/2002 8:04:24 PM

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LONG BEACH, California — WC, on the sidelines of the inaugural Snoop Bowl, said it best: "The police is gettin' their ass whooped. Finally y'all on the other end of the stick."

Snoop Dogg, who has certainly clashed with authorities a few times over the years, settled the score on Wednesday at Long Beach City College Veteran Stadium, where his All-Stars beat the Inland Empire Police Department Enforcers 33 to 21.




And the D-O-Double-G left the game a hero, not only for organizing the event, but for scoring six of the Snoop Dogg All-Stars' points and entertaining players on both teams with his touchdown dance.

"It was a tight dance, I'll give him that," said Levi Baker, a lineman for the Enforcers.

After catching a slant in the center of the end zone, Snoop got down on his knees, put his hands behind his head as his teammates "frisked" him and then motioned as though he were being handcuffed.

"I got in the position where the police should have arrested me, 'cause I was doing too much," Snoop joked at halftime.

Although there were some monster hits and a few scuffles, the vibe at the Snoop Bowl, a fund-raiser for the Loma Linda Children's Hospital, was mostly — what else — laid-back.

"It's all out of love," said WC, the self-proclaimed Ghetto Heisman winner who performed at halftime. "All the funds are going to charity, and I'm loving it. Everybody's supporting the community. A lot of kids are out here. It's great."

Snoop got the idea for Snoop Bowl after he played against police in a celebrity basketball game early this year, he explained in the locker room as he adjusted his #5 jersey (the numbers were made from blue do-rags). He was supposed to play the Los Angeles Police Department, "but they backed out," he said. "I don't know why."

Keith Roberson, a defender for the Enforcers, said his team was glad to play in the game, despite Snoop's criminal record. "It's find of funny, kind of ironic," he said, "But you know, the brotha's trying to do something positive for the community, and we're all for that."

Snoop refused to make a big deal of his competition. "It ain't strange," he said. "They people, they athletes. ... I worked a long time to get where I'm at right now. I'm at a status where I'm comfortable with myself and I'm able to do things like this, you know, interact with police, interact with kids, interact with people in general, show people that I'm a people person. I'm just trying to have fun. Snoop Dogg is an entertainer."

Still, that Snoop was able to organize a fund-raiser with the authorities definitely made a statement, punctuated by the fact that Rodney King came to support the event.

"It shows wanting a solution and being part of a community in a positive way," King said. "It's real good for Snoop to put this together, and I give the police a thumbs up for playing. This is a big piece of history in a real way. Only in America can you match up something like this."

While some members of the Enforcers claimed the Snoop Dogg All-Stars included Arena Football League players and the rapper's bodyguards ("If they're his bodyguards out there, they ain't protecting much," one jok

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